The Sugar Museum in Mauritius

The Sugar Museum in Mauritius is one of the few sugar-themed museums in the world. Mauritius was colonized by the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom. The Dutch colonists brought sugar cane, the French colonists divided the island into sugarcane producing areas, the British colonists sent more than 450,000 laborers to the island, and expanded the transportation of sugar to Europe, and the history of colonial history accompanied the development of Mauritius sugar industry. The museum was originally a sugar factory, but after being converted into a sugar museum, all the mechanical equipment was preserved and many historical objects were added. Here you can see sugar products from different historical periods, and you can also see the rich and diverse types of sugar in Mauritius today, including more than 10 kinds of sugar products such as brown sugar, sweet sugar, coarse sugar, baked brown sugar, coffee crystal sugar, and more than 10 kinds of rum brewed from sugarcane.