Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum, one of the oldest, largest and most famous museums in the world, ranks first among the four major museums in the world.

It is located in the center of Paris, France Seine north bank (right bank), was built in 1204, after 800 years of expansion, reconstruction, to reach today's scale.

The area of the Louvre (including the lawn) is about 45 hectares, while the building covers 4.8 hectares. It is 680 meters in length. Its overall architecture is in the shape of "U", divided into two parts: the old part was built in the period of Louis XIV and the new part was built in the period of Napoleon.

The Louvre contains the statue of Venus with broken arms, the oil painting of Mona Lisa and the stone sculpture of the Goddess of Victory, which is regarded as the "three treasures of the world".